Golden Hour Pre-Wedding Shoot // Jo & Ed

Pre-Wedding shoots are great if you’d like to have some beautiful shots of yourselves in the lead up to your wedding day. Sometimes couples choose to have a pre-wedding shoot (a.k.a. engagement shoot) because they’re nervous about having their picture taken and would like some practice in front of the camera. Within minutes, I think it’s fair to say that people quickly realise that they have nothing to worry about – having your picture taken by me requires little to no effort on your part! I also think they’re a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better so that you can feel super comfortable with me on your wedding day. We’ll have Skype chats or meet up in person as standard which will definitely help with this, but a little extra time spent together is always good a thing.

Jo and Ed were keen to have their pre-wedding shoot on their farm and with their lovely black labradors. Being a dog lover myself, I was only too happy with this plan! I always recommend having pre-wedding sessions and portraits at weddings during “golden hour”, i.e. the hour that leads up to the sunset. The light is most likely at it’s most flattering around that time and if you’re lucky like Jo & Ed, it’s absolutely amazing during that time! We went for a leisurely stroll to a few different spots and I snapped away. These images are the final result.

Thanks so much to Jo & Ed for your hospitality, I had a lovely evening with you guys. Cooking me a veggie lasagne was particularly appreciated and in some small way I’m sure helped add a little magic to your images 🙂 I’m really looking forward to shooting your wedding at Glebe Farm Barn in July!

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