Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer shot of bride and groom walking down the aisle

Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer

I love being an Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer. It’s one of London’s best alternative wedding venues and certainly one of the most unique. It just oozes so much character! There’s always a palpable sense of something truly magical going to happen before every ceremony I’ve shot there. I love to capture natural photos of weddings so that you can feel the emotions and atmosphere from the images. Asylum Chapel weddings tend to be particularly atmospheric which I absolutely love! Any couple wanting a ceremony in a place full of history and a heady mix of grandeur and dilapidation should definitely consider it. Check out some of the weddings I’ve shot at the Asylum Chapel below.

Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer review

Asylum Chapel Wedding Venue

The Asylum Chapel feels like it’s almost crumbling down and for good reason – it was bombed in World War II. For most places that would mean it was ruined. However for Asylum Chapel, Peckham’s wedding jewel, it has only made it more atmospheric. The stuffy traditional vibes you can get from a church are not present here. You can have a non-religious chapel wedding with so little “church” that you forget you’re in a former church. The stained glass windows and stone reiefs on the walls give the venue a feeling of importance, history and perhaps spirituality. However the devastation of WWII appears to have wiped away any former dogma. The addition of candles light up the magic of the place such that very little, if any, additional decoration is required.

A glowing Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer review

My Wedding Photography Style

My main aim as an Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer is to capture all the emotions from your wedding as it happens so that you can re-live your wedding day again and again and feel all those feelings again. I’m smiley and super friendly which will help you and your guests feel at ease with me capturing your day. I also love to capture a good party which is ideal for an Asylum Chapel wedding as I’ve found that couples who get married there tend to love to party hard afterwards! I won’t disappear straight after the first dance like some photographers. I want to capture all parts of your wedding day so that you can re-live your whole day. Images full of joy are my passion so I edit them in a natural, colourful way to compliment the joyful scenes. I want you to feel the happiness you felt on your day as you look at your photos. Have a peek at some sample Asylum Chapel weddings at the bottom of this page.

A brilliant Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer review by Cathy and Chris

Featured Asylum Chapel Weddings

Abbie & Iain’s, Priya & Jim’s and Cathy & Chris’s Asylum Chapel Weddings are featured below. Abbie & Iain’s is the most recent and is therefore the closest representation to how I shoot and edit weddings now. Jim and Priya’s ceremony took place after sunset (4pm in December) which made the Chapel very dark. I had to use my flash during the ceremony which is extremely rare for me (I like to be as unobtrusive as possible). Cathy and Chris’ wedding was way back in 2015 – my first Asylum Chapel wedding! My edit is a bit different now but I wanted to include this wedding regardless as I loved it and it’s thanks to their trust in me that I’ve gone on to shoot several of their friend’s and family’s weddings. I absolutely loved being an Asylum Chapel Wedding Photographer for all of these weddings! All so unique and all very special. If you think you’d like me to be your wedding photographer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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