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Woolverstone Hall Wedding Photographer | Duncan & Jem

Woolverstone Hall Wedding Photographer shot featuring Jem and Duncan under a magnificent Oak tree
I absolutely loved this wedding. It was especially nice for me as Duncan is a good friend from school. I was very humbled to be asked to be their Woolverstone Hall Wedding Photographer and the weather was fantastic too! They were married in a beautiful little church called St. Michael’s in Woolverstone, Suffolk. It was a fantastic place to have their ceremony, particularly as their wedding venue, the awesome Woolverstone Hall, was just a short walk over a grassy field. Apparently Jem went to school in this Hall and it is still a school today. A fantastic day that I wont ever be forgetting.

Duncan & Jem-001_StompDuncan & Jem-003_StompDuncan & Jem-006_StompDuncan & Jem-007_StompDuncan & Jem-009_StompDuncan & Jem-010_StompDuncan & Jem-012_StompDuncan & Jem-014_StompDuncan & Jem-018_StompDuncan & Jem-019_StompDuncan & Jem-020_StompDuncan & Jem-013_StompDuncan & Jem-021_StompDuncan & Jem-023_StompDuncan & Jem-025_StompDuncan & Jem-028_StompDuncan & Jem-029_StompDuncan & Jem-031_StompDuncan & Jem-033_StompDuncan & Jem-034_StompDuncan & Jem-036_StompDuncan & Jem-040_StompDuncan & Jem-042_StompDuncan & Jem-043_StompDuncan & Jem-044_StompDuncan & Jem-045_StompDuncan & Jem-046_StompDuncan & Jem-049_StompDuncan & Jem-050_StompDuncan & Jem-052_StompDuncan & Jem-055_StompDuncan & Jem-056_StompDuncan & Jem-057_StompDuncan & Jem-060_StompDuncan & Jem-061_StompDuncan & Jem-062_StompDuncan & Jem-065_StompSuffolk Wedding Photographer Winston Sanders sublime shot of couple walking towards Woolverstone HallDuncan & Jem B-002_StompDuncan & Jem B-004_StompDuncan & Jem B-006_StompDuncan & Jem B-008_StompDuncan & Jem B-009_StompDuncan & Jem B-013_StompDuncan & Jem B-014_StompDuncan & Jem B-017_StompDuncan & Jem B-023_StompDuncan & Jem B-030_StompDuncan & Jem B-031_StompDuncan & Jem B-033_StompDuncan & Jem B-036_StompSuffolk Wedding Photographer Winston Sanders beautiful shot of Jem and Duncan at Woolverstone HallDuncan & Jem B-043_StompDuncan & Jem B-045_StompDuncan & Jem B-047_StompDuncan & Jem B-048_StompDuncan & Jem B-053_StompDuncan & Jem B-054_StompDuncan & Jem B-057_StompDuncan & Jem B-061_StompDuncan & Jem B-063_StompDuncan & Jem B-065_StompDuncan & Jem B-067_StompDuncan & Jem B-069_StompDuncan & Jem B-071_StompDuncan & Jem B-076_StompDuncan & Jem B-078_StompDuncan & Jem B-080_StompDuncan & Jem B-086_StompDuncan & Jem B-088_StompDuncan & Jem B-089_Stomp

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