St Bart's Brewery Wedding Photographer

A Balfour St Barts and Islington Town Hall Wedding

This wedding was a big 2017 highlight for me. It was my last wedding of the year and my first as a Balfour St Barts Wedding Photographer. But more than that, is was everything I love about weddings – fun, laughter and of course tons of love! It was the day before New Years Eve and the there was still that lovely Christmas magic in the air. The weather also proved very kind to Lily and Greg: no rain and no wind and the streets were a very un-London-like calm.

Greg and Lily currently live in the US but decided to fly home to London get married. We’d chatted over Skype to plan what they’d like photography wise and get to know each other a bit. They’re the type of people you instantly warm to and I really looked forward to their day. I met Greg for the first time in real life in the Vineyard pub opposite Islington Town Hall where they were to be wed. This was actually my second time shooting at Islington Town Hall. It felt really nice to revisit it after Chris & Russ’ Wedding there some time back. It’s certainly not your average town hall!

Lily didn’t want getting ready photos so after a quick drink at the pub with Greg’s friends and family it was straight into the venue for the ceremony. Lily arrived with her family looking absolutely stunning. She comes from a Lebanese family and she had what I assume was a Lebanese type welcome from the women of the family with lots of cheers! Either a Lebanese welcome or just a really lovely family welcome, either or both are highly likely.

The ceremony was lovely. I love that big circular room. It’s quite unusual for me to be able to move around during a ceremony but there’s tons of space there to do it without getting in anyone’s way. It was nice to be able to shoot from a few different angles.

After confetti and a few quick couple shots we headed to the awesome Balfour St Barts. I’m actually writing this blog a couple of weeks after shooting another lovely wedding there. The staff there are so lovely! Pam, the wedding manager, is absolutely superb; caring, efficient, great attention to detail, and a good laugh too. I might love her a little bit and I’m not just saying that so she feeds me well next time I’m there 😉 Honestly – you’ll be well looked after if you have your wedding reception here.

Greg and Lily, being super chilled, had a buffet rather than a formal sit down meal. It worked really well as it suited their style and the food was great!

The quintessentially British telephone boxes in front of the colourful railings of Smithfield Market make an ideal backdrop for group shots and couple portraits. Although St Bart’s doesn’t have any outdoor space, this spot is less than 5 minutes walk from the venue. There’s also a small park opposite too.

All parts of the day were great but my absolute favourite bit was the evening party. They hired DJ Jason King who was fantastic! When some specially selected Lebanese tunes came on party erupted! Hankies were waved, shapes were thrown and there were big smiles everywhere. It was a lot of fun!

Lily, Greg, their family and friends were an absolute joy to get to know and it was a really pleasure to capture their happiness. Thanks guys for asking me to be your Balfour St Barts Wedding Photographer!

bride arrives outside islington town hall for her wedding teary father of the bride walks bride down the aisle beaming bride and father of the bride at islington town hall groom cries during london wedding holding hands proud parents and sister blowing kisses ceremony do you take the man to be your lawfully wedded husband? bride and groom first kiss at islington town hall laughter as bride and groom leave islington town hall wedding whole group shot from balcony corridors of islington town hall for wedding photos wedding photography islington town hall confetti photo happy guests! wedding photos outside of islington town hall old american cadillac wedding photo entering st barts mc bringing order smithfield market telephone boxes wedding photographs smithfield market wedding portraits Group wedding photos at smithfield market doughnut boy hugs and laughter from ladies in red hold yer hands up and confess evening reception speeches at st barts happ toddler tears of happiness so much laughter! tears of joy at this st barts brewery wedding groom's speech happy tears during the speeches big laughs shock during the speeches! first dance first dance at st barts brewery wedding, london first dance black and white image lady and two kids dancing ladies dancing dj JK mum and dad smiling st bart's brewery wedding photographer shot of reception dancing happy guests dancing and waving arms man hugs lebanese dancer little kids hugging the bride dad and daughter dancing hanky waving bride and groom dancing at london pub wedding daddy daughter dance bride and groom dancing hand in hand groom dancing at st barts drag shutter photography father and son looking cool Lebanese dancing clapping whilst dad dances ecstatic sister very happy boy about to be thrown! laughing girlfriend embarrassed boy happy dancer! neon sign at st barts brewery dancing at st barts st bart's brewery wedding photographer night shot

I’m a Norfolk Wedding Photographer who travels all over the place capturing lovely weddings. I often shoot as a London Wedding Photographer too. If you’d like a Balfour St Barts Wedding Photographer, or a wedding photographer for anywhere in the UK or further afield, please get in touch!

winston sanders with bride and groom lily and greg
Greg, Lily and me!

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  1. Loads of life in these shots – looks like a great party! Some really great work, I especially like the couple backlit by the neon lights. Superb!

  2. Winston that looks like a great fun wedding! Brilliant set of photos and the dancing shots you feel like you’re right in there! The neon sign shots are cool also. Good job!

  3. Thanks Maria! Yeah Leadenhall Market is a great place too – that reminds me I have another wedding to blog from there. This one is Smithfield market which is more colourful but less ‘Harry Potter esque’ 🙂