One Whitehall Place Wedding Photographer - photo of Bride and Groom with chandeliers in the Reading and Writing Room

One Whitehall Place Wedding Photographer

I’ve been lucky to have been asked to be a One Whitehall Place Wedding Photographer a few times now. It’s one of those truly special London wedding venues that has it all, including lots of space for larger weddings. A grand place full of history and a brilliant place for a winter wedding. Check out a couple of the weddings I’ve shot at One Whitehall Place, part of the Royal Horseguards Hotel, below.
One Whitehall Place Wedding Photographer night photo

One Whitehall Place Wedding Venue // The Royal Horseguards Hotel

One of the most impressive wedding venues in central London is One Whitehall Place, situated right next door to The Royal Horseguards Hotel. This exquisite venue boasts four licensed rooms for civil ceremonies and is a stunning Victorian masterpiece adorned with intricate sculptured ceilings, a majestic marble staircase, and shimmering chandeliers. Its prime location on Victoria Embankment offers breathtaking views of the River Thames and the iconic London Eye. Selecting this Grade II listed architectural gem as the backdrop for your wedding or special occasion will undoubtedly make it an extraordinary experience! Not only does it look great, I’ve also found the food, staff and service to always be excellent.

All four weddings I’ve shot so far have taken place in The Reading & Writing Room. It’s an impressive space with river views, large pillars and murals on the walls. This room pairs brilliantly with The Gladstone Library nextdoor. My favourite room, The Gladstone Library is the most atmospheric of the all rooms at One Whitehall Place. It’s perfect for a candle lit wedding breakfast.
One Whitehall Place Wedding Photographer - The Reading and Writing Room with gorgeous couple Naz and Alkesh

My Wedding Photography Style

My main aim as a One Whitehall Place Wedding Photographer is to capture all the emotions from your wedding as it happens so that you can re-live your special day again and again and feel all those feelings again. I’m smiley and super friendly which will help you and your guests feel completely at ease with me capturing your day. I also love to capture a few stunning couple portraits which is really easy and fun to do at a place like One Whitehall Place! Images full of joy are my passion so I edit them in a natural, colourful way to compliment the joyful scenes. I want you to feel the happiness you felt on your day as you look at your photos. Have a peek at some sample One Whitehall Place weddings at the bottom of this page.
One Whitehall Place Wedding Photographer photo of London Eye

Featured One Whitehall Place Weddings

Benny & Ros’ and Naz & Alkesh’s One Whitehall Place Weddings are featured below. Naz and Alkesh’s was the 1st wedding I shot there back in 2017. My editing style has changed a bit since then (it’s now a bit more punchy with the blacks more black) but I’m still really proud of this wedding. It was a lot of fun and I’ll always remember Naz’s Mum feeding me canapes whilst I took the group photos! Ros and Benny were another warm fun-loving couple. Their wedding took place just before Christmas. One highlight for me was walking over to the Christmas markets on the other side of the Thames for some quick photos of the two of them.

I absolutely loved being a One Whitehall Place Wedding Photographer for all of the weddings I have shot there. All so unique and all very special. If you think you’d like me to be your Wedding Photographer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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