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Emily & Jono | Hadsham Farm

This featured wedding was shot on the hottest day of 2018! It was an absolute scorcher but the tipi provided much welcome shelter from the sun. Around the tipi, there was enough space to have a humanist ceremony, set up games, etc. The lake was a much-loved feature and formed a very peaceful backdrop. The perimeter around it was excellent for photos of the lovely couple. Speaking of which…

The Couple

If you happen to know Emily and Jono you are a very lucky person. Two of the most lovely, adventure-fueled, adrenaline junky and caring humans I’ve ever met. They’re two of my best friends and I was humbled to be Emily’s best man. Complete paddler nutters, kayak paddles were used to form the centrepiece for the ceremony. Emily & Jono chose to have a humanist ceremony which was conducted by the lovely Judy from Cherish Ceremonies. Judy did an amazing job incorporating cultural aspects of Jono’s Jewish heritage with things that were uniquely Emily and Jono, such a ceremonial espresso martini drinking! They also included handfasting in their ceremony which again I was humbled to be a part of. Incidentally, my wife and I enjoyed the handfasting so much we included it on our own wedding the following year!

Delicious Indian inspired food was served by Heena’s kitchen and we enjoyed speeches by Emily, me (!), Jono’s 3 brothers and Emily’s Dad. Before we knew it our eardrums, hearts and souls were being treated to the riotous sounds of The Destroyers! A band like no other and certainly not your average wedding band! Uptempo Eastern European Folk Euphoria is my best attempt at describing them. My man Rav C DJ’d until late keeping those good vibes following. Before climbing into my camper for the night the remaining few enjoyed a few beers around the firepit. How better to end a glorious day!

Hadsham Farm
Hottest day of the year
archway of kayak paddles
humanist ceremony
bride and groom sat on kayak
hand fasting
child binding their hands
first kiss
martini espresso
special drink
archway of kayak paddles
high 5
big cheer from whole group
group shot
vw camper
portrait at hadsham farm
wedding photos at hadsham farm
kiss by the lake
bride's speech
crying mum
happy guest
smiling girl
best men speech
laughing bride and groom
hoola hoop
sheep race
tipi wedding
natural photography pic
creative wedding photography
looking over the lake to the tipi
sunset photo
The destroyers band
spinning dance
trumpeter on the floor
lifting up the groom
happy groom
tongue out!
about to be lifted up
bride being lifted
shocked bride
laughing guests
bride and groom lifted up
dancing guests
a happy Jono
kid with hands over eyes
crazy light dance
groom lifted again!
bride and groom celebrating
happy Rachael
Groom lifting the bride
fire pit late at night

I’m a Norfolk Wedding Photographer who travels all over the country and beyond capturing beautiful weddings. If you’d like a Hadsham Farm Wedding Photographer, or a wedding photographer for anywhere in the UK or further afield, please do get in touch!

Finally, here’s a picture of my wife Rach, me, Emily & Jono. There should, after all, be at least one photo that includes the best man, right? 🙂

wedding photographer with bride, groom and wife

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